On this page, you can free download Krita graphics editor for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and install the official version on your computer and laptop, phone, tablet.

Krita is an open-source raster graphics editor from the company of the same name. Previously it was part of the office suite Calligra Suite, but later began to develop as an independent product. In translation from Swedish, the word Krita means, "to draw or draw with chalk". The program is focused on modern photographers and artists.

The program is suitable for a variety of devices, it can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android mobile devices.

Krita editor was originally created as a program that will help in creating images from scratch, but later features were added to it to work with photos.

The application has a function for editing layers and masks, working in several color spaces with RGB, CMYK, LAB models, in up to 32 bit mode. Krita has built-in filters and tools for retouching.

The graphic editor contains

  • tools for work with animation, including exporting;
  • large brush catalog;
  • extensive list of blending modes;
  • paper and pastel imitations;
  • infinite canvas;
  • keyboard shortcuts setting.

How to download Krita

Follow the link on this page, download the installation file and unzip it on your device. When the installation is finished and the Krita shortcut appears on your desktop, open the graphical editor and start working.


The developers of the Krita application are constantly improving their program. Users can create cartoons with Krita editor, process images and create new pictures and illustrations. With the Krita app, the world will get new colors.